Condo Conversions

If you are like most owners who are considering a Condo Conversion, then you’ve already earned the equivalent of a Ph.D. in real estate, contracts, how to buy properties that lease well and a host of the many other things you must know just to get started in this highly competitive segment.

At RMC SARA Construction, we’ve been doing Condo Conversions for more than 16 years in the Washington, D.C. metro area. We take care of all of the details on the construction side so you don’t have to earn another Ph.D. in construction, licensing, permits, working with subcontractors, purchasing, and many of the other things that go into ensuring a condo conversion project’s success.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that a Condo Conversion is a business deal and that the point of the game is to deliver what you want for a competitive price and without headaches. Our unique approach to handling Condo Conversions allows us to mitigate hassle, quality control issues and fly-by-night contractors. We’ve been working with our teams for more than a decade and ensure that only the most skilled contractors will work on an RMC SARA Construction job.

RMC Sara Construction serves the greater Washington, DC Metro Area

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